ABBA: Does Your Mother Know / Kisses of Fire
ABBA: Waterloo / Watch Out
ABERFELDY: Heliopolis by Night / Jennifer
THE ACCIDENTAL: I Can Hear Your Voice / I Can Hear Your Voice (James Yuill Remix)
ADEM: Ringing in My Ear / I Can Give You a Reason
ADEM: Launch Yourself (Hot Chip Mix) / Launch Yourself
THE AMERICAN ANALOG SET: Diana Slowburner II / High Fidelity vs. Guy Fidelity
AMIINA ft. LEE HAZLEWOOD: Hilli (At the Top of the World) / Leather and Lace
ANIMAL COLLECTIVE: Who Could Win a Rabbit / Baby Day
ANTONY AND THE JOHNSONS: You Are My Sister / Poorest Ear
ANTONY AND THE JOHNSONS: Epilepsy is Dancing / Where is My Power?
ANTONY AND THE JOHNSONS: Aeon / Crazy in Love [Beyonce]
ARAB STRAP: (Afternoon) Soaps / Phone Me Tomorrow
ARAB STRAP: Dream Sequence / Dead Air
ARCADE FIRE: Neighbourhood #2 (Laika) / My Buddy (Alvino Rey Orchestra)
ARCADE FIRE: Cold Wind / Brazil
ARCADE FIRE: Neighbourhood #3 (Power Out) / Neighbourhood #3 (Power Out – August Session)
ARCADE FIRE: Neighbourhood #3 (Power Out – Live 2005) / This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody – Live 2005)
ARCADE FIRE: Rebellion (Lies) / Rebellion (Lies – Live 2005)
ARCADE FIRE: Wake Up / Etched b-side
ARCADE FIRE: Keep the Car Running / Broken Window
ARCADE FIRE: Intervention / Ocean of Noise (Performed by Calexico)
ARCADE FIRE: No Cars Go / Surf City Eastern Bloc
ARCADE FIRE / LCD SOUNDSYSTEM: Poupee de Cire, Poupee de Son (Arcade Fire) / No Love Lost (LCD Soundsystem)
ARCO: Driving at Night / All This World
ARMS: Whirring / Jon the Escalator
ATLAS SOUND / SELECTOR DUB NARCOTIC: Atlas Shrugged (Atlas Sound) / Shrug-a-Dub Dub (Selector Dub Narcotic)
BADLY DRAWN BOY: Donna and Blitzen / _____
BADLY DRAWN BOY: Year of the Rat / One Plus One is One (Live in Nashville)
DEVENDRA BANHART: A Sight to Behold / Be Kind
DEVENDRA BANHART: Little Yellow Spider / Will is My Friend (Live at St. Giles Church)
DEVENDRA BANHART: At the Hop / At the Hop (Live)
DEVENDRA BANHART: I Feel Just Like a Child / Ice Rat
DEVENDRA BANHART: Heard Somebody Say / La Pastorcita Perdida
BANJO OR FREAKOUT: Mr. No / Someone Great
BARR: The Song is the Single / The B Side is Silent
BEACH HOUSE: Used to Be / Apple Orchard (4-Track)
BEASTIE BOYS: Alive / Big Shot (Live)
BECK: E-Pro / Bad Cartridge (E-Pro)
BECK: Gamma Ray / Bonfire Blondes
BECK: Chemtrails / Vampire Voltage No. 6
BEIRUT: Elephant Gun / Transatlantique / Le Moribond
BELLE AND SEBASTIAN: Lazy Line Painter Jane / You Made Me Forget My Dreams
BELLE AND SEBASTIAN: 3..6..9 Seconds of Light: A Century of Fakers / Le Pastie de la Bourgeoisie
BELLE AND SEBASTIAN: Legal Man / Winter Wooskie
BELLE AND SEBASTIAN: Jonathan David / The Loneliness of a Middle Distance Runner
BELLE AND SEBASTIAN: Step Into My Office, Baby / Love on the March
BELLE AND SEBASTIAN: I’m a Cuckoo / (I Believe In) Travelin’ Light
BELLE AND SEBASTIAN: Your Cover’s Blown / Wrapped Up in Books
BELLE AND SEBASTIAN: Funny Little Frog / The Eighth Station of the Cross Kebab House
BELLE AND SEBASTIAN: Casaco Marron / When I Was a Little Girl (David Shrigley)
BELLE AND SEBASTIAN: The Blues are Still Blue / Whiskey in the Jar
BELLE AND SEBASTIAN: The White Collar Boy / Baby Jane
BLACK DICE / ERASE ERRATA: Untitled #5.5 (Black Dice) / The Shade (Erase Errata) / French Canadia (Erase Errata)
BLOC PARTY: Banquet / Tulips (Peel Session)
BLONDE REDHEAD: Symphony of Treble / Kasuality
BLONDE REDHEAD: Equus / Messenger (feat. David Sylvain)
BLONDE REDHEAD: Silently / (We are a Real Team) Harry and I
BLONDIE: Dreaming / Sound Asleep
BLUR: Country House / One Born Every Minute
BLUR: Charmless Man / The Horrors
BLUR: Song 2 / Get Out of Cities
BLUR: On Your Own / PopScene (Peel Acres) / Song 2 (Peel Acres)
BLUR: M.O.R. / Swallows in the Heatwave
BLUR: Tender / All We Want
BLUR: Crazy Beat / The Outsider
BLUR: Good Song / Morricone
BON IVER: For Emma / Wisconsin
BONNIE BILLY: Forever and Ever / In Spite of Ourselves
BONNIE ‘PRINCE’ BILLY: Stay / People Living
DAVID BOWIE: Sound and Vision / A New Career in a New Town
BRIGHT EYES: First Day of My Life / When the President Talks to God
THE BRAVERY: An Honest Mistake / Hot Pursuit (Duet Version)
THE BREEDERS: Son of Three / Buffy Theme / Safari (Live)
THE BREEDERS: We’re Gonna Rise / German Demonstration
BASIA BULAT: Touch the Hem of His Garment / Before I Knew
THE BYRDS: 5 D (Fifth Dimension) / Captain Soul
CALEXICO / BEIRUT: The Guns of Brixton (Calexico) / Interior of a Dutch House (Beirut)
CAMERA OBSCURA: I Love My Jean / Marathon Not a Sprint / A Red, Red Rose
CAMERA OBSCURA: Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken / I Can’t Stay Mad at You
CAMERA OBSCURA: Let’s Get Out of This Country / Modern Girl
CAMERA OBSCURA: Frency Navy / The World is Full of Strangers
ISOBEL CAMPBELL & MARK LANEGAN: Come on Over (Turn Me On) / Sleep City
CANADA: A Centennial Song / Une Chanson du Centenaire
CASIOTONE FOR THE PAINFULLY ALONE: Bobby Malone Moves Home / Jeane, If You’re Ever in Portland (Daytrotter Version)
CASS MCCOMBS: That’s That / Healing (Piano Version)
CASS MCCOMBS: Dreams Come True Girl / Minimum Wage
CAST: Alright / Follow Me Down / Meet Me
CAT POWER: The Greatest / Hate
CAT POWER: Could We / Dreams
CAT POWER: The Greatest / Love & Communication
NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS: Breathless / There She Goes, My Beautiful World / She’s Leaving You
NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS: Get Ready For Love / Hiding All Away (Live)
THE CHAINSAW KITTENS: Grandaddy’s Candy / Bones in My Teeth
CHELSEA: High Rise Living / No Admission
CHELSEA: Urban Kids / No Flowers
CHELSEA: Right to Work / The Loner
CHERRY GHOST: People Help the People / Please Come Home
CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH: In This Home on Ice / Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood (Live)
CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH: Is This Love? / Heavy Metal
JARVIS COCKER: Don’t Let Him Waste Your Time / Big Stuff
JARVIS COCKER: Don’t Let Him Waste Your Time / One Man Show
JARVIS COCKER: Angela / I Found Myself Looking For God
COCO ROSIE: Lemonade / Surfer Girl
COLDPLAY: Violet Hill / A Spell A Rebel Yell
PERRY COMO: South of the Border / Because / Bless This House / Breezin’ Along With the Breeze / Lies / You’ll Never Walk Alone
THE CONCRETES: You Can’t Hurry Love / Under Your Leaves
SAM COOKE: Frankie and Johnny / Cool Train
THE CORTINAS: Defiant Pose / Independence
THE CORTINAS: Fascist Dictator / Television Families
GRAHAM COXON: Freakin’ Out / All Over Me
GRAHAM COXON: I Can’t Look At Your Skin / Time For Heroes
GRAHAM COXON: What’s He Got? / Outta My League, Dear
THE CREEPING NOBODIES / THESE ARE POWERS: Exult (Creeping Nobodies) / Cockles (These Are Powers)
CRYSTAL CASTLES: Courtship Dating / Trash Hologram (Demo)
CSS: Off The Hook / Poney Money Honey
CSS: Off The Hook / Meeting Paris Hilton (CSS SUXXX Version)
CSS: Alala / Odio, Odio, Odio, Sorry C
EVAN DANDO: It Looks Like You / Whoops / The Todd Killings
BROTHER DANIELSON: The Kid / Five Stars and Two Thumbs Up
DANIELSON: Dry Goods Dry Power / Left-Handed Smoke Shifter
DANIELSON: When It Comes to You I’m Lazy / Goody Goody
DANIELSON: I’m Slow But I’m Sloppy / Did I Step on Your Remix
BOBBY DARIN: If a Man Answers / A True, True Love
THE DECEMBERISTS: Sixteen Military Wives / From My Own True Love (Demo)
THE DECEMBERISTS: O Valencia! / After the Bombs
DEERHOOF: My Pal Foot Foot / Sruof Ytrof Ynnus / Bmob-Oha
DEERHUNTER: Nothing Ever Happened / Little Kids (Demo)
DEPARTMENT OF EAGLES: Sailing By Night (Tunng Remix) / Sailing By Night (Daedelus Remix)
DEPARTMENT OF EAGLES: No One Does it Like You / Too Little Too Late [JoJo]
DESTROYER: Loves of a Gnostic (Band Mix) / The Temple
JULIE DOIRON / CALM DOWN IT’S MONDAY: Oh, Heavy Snow / It’s Nice To Come Home (Julie Doiron) / Sweetest May / Monumental (Calm Down It’s Monday)
NICK DRAKE: Magic / Northern Sky
DUMBO: Casey, Jr. / Song of the Roustabouts / When I See an Elephant Fly / Pink Elephants on Parade
DUNGEN: Panda / Tyst Minut
THE EASYBEATS: Friday on My Mind / Made My Bed: Gonna Lie In It
EELS: Hey Man (Now You’re Really Living) / After the Operation
ELASTICA: The Bitch Don’t Work / No Good!
ELECTRELANE: This Deed / More Than This [Roxy Music]
ELECTRELANE: Two For Joy / Today
ELLA GURU: Augustus Golden / On a Ship
ELLA GURU: Park Lake Speakers / Warm Luke
ENON: Starcastic / Birdnest
FERNANDO ESTESO: La Ramona / El Destape
THE EX-BOYFRIENDS: It’s Christmas, Baby / It’s Your Birthday, Baby
THE FALL: Psycho Mafia / Bingo-Master / Repetition
THE FALL: It’s The New Thing / Various Times
FEIST: My Moon My Man / My Moon My Man (Boys Noize Remix)
FEIST: 1 2 3 4 / Sealion (Chromeo Remix)
FIELD MUSIC: Them That Do Nothing / Repetition
THE FIERY FURNACES: Single Again / Sing For Me
FINAL FANTASY: Young Canadian Mothers: This is the Dream of Emma & Cam / The Sea (Tenderizer) / Spell For a Weak Heart / Peach, Plum, Pear [Joanna Newsom]
FINAL FANTASY: Many Lives –> 49MP / The Miner Becomes Forgetful
FINAL FANTASY: Hey, Dad! / What Do You Think Will Happen Next?
FINAL FANTASY: Lewis Takes Action / A Watery Day
FIRST AID KIT: Hard Believer / Waltz For Richard
THE FLAMING LIPS: Seven Nation Army [The White Stripes] / The Jist (David Shrigley)
THE FLAMING LIPS / THE BLACK KEYS: Borderline [Madonna] (The Flaming Lips) / Her Eyes Are a Blue Million Miles (The Black Keys)
FOUR TET: I’m On Fire (Part 1) / I’m On Fire (Part 2)
FRIDGE: It’s All On / Jessica
FRIGHTENED RABBIT: Head Rolls Off / Set You Free
FUCK: Tether / Fuck Motel
FULFLEJ: Work in This Universe / Parallel to Gravity
FUTURE PILOT AKA: Eyes of Love / Lights of the City / Changes
FUTURE PILOT AKA / CONCERTO CALEDONIA: Devil Town [Daniel Johnston] (Future Pilot AKA) / Walking the Cow [Daniel Johnston] (Concerto Caledonia) / Boredom
PETER GABRIEL / STEPHIN MERRITT: The Book of Love [The Magnetic Fields] (Peter Gabriel) / Not One of Us [Peter Gabriel] (Stephin Merritt)
LAURA GIBSON: Spirited / All the Pretty Horses
GOD HELP THE GIRL: Come Monday Night / Howard Jones is My Mozart
GOD HELP THE GIRL: Funny Little Frog / Mary’s Market
JOSE GONZALEZ: Crosses / Storm
JOSE GONZALEZ: Hand On Your Heart / Sensing Owls
JOSE GONZALEZ: Down the Line / Smalltown Boy
JOSE GONZALEZ: Killing for Love / Neon Lights
THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE QUEEN: Herculean / Mr. Whippy
THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE QUEEN: Kingdom of Doom / The Good, The Bad & The Queen (Live)
THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE QUEEN: Kingdom of Doom / Start Point (Sketches of Devon)
THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE QUEEN: Green Fields / England, Summer (In Black and White) Dog House
THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE QUEEN: Green Fields / England, Summer (In Black and White) Polling Day
GORILLAZ: Clint Eastwood / Dracula
GORILLAZ: Feel Good Inc. / 68 State
THE GOSSIP: Standing in the Way of Control / Sick With It
THE GOSSIP: Standing in the Way of Control (Le Tigre Remix) / Live at the 100 Club London
THE GOSSIP: Listen Up! / Listen Up (MSTRKRFT Mix)
THE GOSSIP: Jealous Girls (Live Version) / Tommie Sunshine’s Brooklyn Fire Retouch
GRANDADDY / THE POLYPHONIC SPREE: The Rugged and Splintered Entertainment Center (Grandaddy) / The March (The Polyphonic Spree)
GRANDADDY: Nature Anthem / _____
GRANDADDY: Elevate Myself / Winners!
ADAM GREEN: Friends of Mine / Born to Run [Bruce Springsteen]
ADAM GREEN: Emily / What a Waster [The Libertines]
GRIZZLY BEAR / SEABEAR: Don’t Ask (Grizzly Bear) / Drunk Song (Seabear)
GRIZZLY BEAR: Knife / Easier (Alternate)
GRIZZLY BEAR: Live on KCRW: While You Wait For the Others / He Hit Me [The Crystals]
GEORGE HARRISON: My Sweet Lord / Isn’t It a Pity
PJ HARVEY: A Place Called Home / Kick it to The Ground (4-Track)
PJ HARVEY: You Come Through / Stone
PJ HARVEY: When Under Ether / Wait
PJ HARVEY: The Piano / Heaven
PJ HARVEY: The Devil / Liverpool Tide
THE HECTOR COLLECTORS / FLYING MATCHSTICK MEN: Celebrity World War (Hector Collectors) / Kids! Revolution! (Flying Matchstick Men)
THE HIDDEN CAMERAS: A Miracle / The Dying Galatian / Heavy Flow of Evil
THE HIDDEN CAMERAS: I Believe in the Good of Life / Divide
THE HIDDEN CAMERAS: Ban Marriage (Demo) / The Dying Galatian (Demo)
THE HIDDEN CAMERAS: Learning The Lie / Why I Understand / Lollipop / Death of a Tune
THE HIDDEN CAMERAS: Death of a Tune / Reaper in Mind
THE HIDDEN CAMERAS: Awoo / Why I Understand
HOMESCIENCE: Dumbangel / The Money Got Wasted / Depth of an Airport Lounge
HOORAY FOR HUMANS: Already Sleeping / Hidden Hands
BETH JEANS HOUGHTON: I Love This World / The Garden / Sink / Cruel Francis
BETH JEANS HOUGHTON: Golden / Night Swimmer
HUM: Comin’ Home / Puppets
I’M FROM BARCELONA: We’re From Barcelona / Glasses
I’M FROM BARCELONA: Britney / _____
THE INBREDS: You Will Know / Matterhorn / He Never
THE INBREDS: Moustache / Reason Why I’m So Shy
INTERPOL: Obstacle 1 (Arthur Baker Mix) / Obstacle 1 (Black Session)
INTERPOL: Slow Hands / Next Exit (Eden Session)
INTERPOL: C’Mere / NARC (Paul Banks Remix)
INTERPOL: Mammoth / _____
INTERPOL: Mammoth / Evil (Live)
IRON & WINE: Sinning Hands / No Moon
JOY DIVISION: Love Will Tear Us Apart / These Days, Love Will Tear Us Apart
THE KINKS: You Really Got Me / It’s All Right
THE KINKS: Tired of Waiting For You / Come On Now
THE KINKS: Lola / Berkeley Mews
THE KINKS: Apeman / Rats
THE KINKS: God’s Children / Moments
THE KINKS: Sweet Lady Genevieve / Sitting in the Midday Sun
KLANG: L.O.V.E. / No Thing
NICK KRGOVICH: One Woman Show / I Can’t Bring Myself to Smile / The Puddle
THE LAST SHADOW PUPPETS: The Age of the Understatement / In The Heat of the Morning [David Bowie]
LAVENDER DIAMOND / THE QUEENS OF SHEEBA: The Song of Impossible Occurences (Lavender Diamond) / Christmas Time Celebration (The Queens of Sheeba)
LAVENDER DIAMOND: Open Your Heart / Oh No (as performed by Colin Meloy)
LCD SOUNDSYSTEM: Movement / Yr City’s a Sucker
LCD SOUNDSYSTEM: Daft Punk is Playing at My House / Jump Into the Fire
LCD SOUNDSYSTEM: Disco Infiltrator / Slowdive
LCD SOUNDSYSTEM: Tribulations / Tribulations (Shallow Version)
LCD SOUNDSYSTEM: North American Scum / Hippie Priest Bum-Out
LCD SOUNDSYSTEM: Drunk Girls / Drunk Girls (Wooden Shjips Version)
JENS LEKMAN: Friday Night at the Drive-In Bingo / Radio NRJ
LEMON KITTENS: Shakin All Over / This Kind of Dying / Morbotalk / Bookburner / Whom Do I Have To Ask / Chalet d’Amour / Not a Mirror
LES GEORGES LENINGRAD: Supa Doopa / Nebraska’s Valentine
LYKKE LI: Breaking It Up / Everybody But Me (DiskJokke Remix)
LYKKE LI: I’m Good, I’m Gone / Metronomy Remix
LIARS: We Fenced Other Gardens With the Bones of Our Own / Sex Boy [The Germs] / The Fountain and Its Monologue
LIARS: It Fit When I Was a Kid / Don’t Techno For An Answer Remix
LIARS: The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack (Single Mix) / Album Version
LILYS: Returns Every Morning / Touch the Water
LILYS: Welfare Murder Plot / Baby’s a Dealer
LITTLE WINGS: What Wonder / Joy! Hanta Yo! / Uh-Oh! / Goodbye
LONEY, DEAR: Saturday Waits / I Do What I Can
LONEY, DEAR: I Am John / Warm, Dark, Comforting Night
LOW: California / Cue The Strings (Alternate)
LOW: Santa’s Coming Over / The Coming of Jah
THE LOW ANTHEM: Charlie Darwin / To Ohio / Home I’ll Never Be
THE LOW ANTHEM: To The Ghosts Who Write History Books / Don’t Let Nobody Turn You Around
LUSCIOUS JACKSON: Ladyfingers / To Sir With Love
MAGIC & FUR: Christine / Apple Falls
THE MAGNETIC FIELDS: I Don’t Believe You / When I’m Not Looking, You’re Not There
LAURA MARLING: Cross Your Fingers / I’m A Fly
MENOMENA: Posh Isolation / Tung Track
MERCURY REV: Goddess on a Hiway / Caroline Says Pt. II [Lou Reed]
MERCURY REV: In a Funny Way / Androgynous
MERCURY REV: Accross Yer Ocean / Tennessee Blues
THE MICROPHONES: Lanters / Antlers
MALCOLM MIDDLETON: Beep Beep, I Love You / Pick Me Up
MODELS: Freeze / Man of the Year
MOGWAI: Friend of the Night / Fresh Crown
MOJAVE 3: In Love With a View / Prayer for the Paranoid (Electric Version)
JASON MOLINA: In the Human World / No Moon on the Water
MONITOR RADIO: Observe: Spies / Halloween
THE MONKEES: Last Train to Clarksville / Take a Giant Step
MONKEY SWALLOWS THE UNIVERSE: Little Polveir / Hemingway
MOUNT EERIE: I Whale / _____
MT. ROYAL: Fresh / We Was a Beast
THE MOUNTAIN GOATS: Letter From Belgium / Nova Scotia
MR. JEWS: Will Oldham Speaks His Peace / David Berman Tell His Side of the Story
MUM: Nightly Cares / Once a Shiny Morning Puddle
MY MORNING JACKET: Run Thru / Breathin’ / Old September Blues
NINA NASTASIA: What She Doesn’t Know / Your Red Nose
THE NATIONAL: Mistaken For Strangers / Blank Slate
THE NATIONAL: Bloodbuzz Ohio / Sin-Eaters
NEIGHBOURS OF THE WORLD: Kelita & Duncan Meiklejohn / Instrumental
THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS: Myriad Harbour / Fugue State
SCOUT NIBLETT: I’ll Be a Prince / Your Beat Kicks Back Like Death
SCOUT NIBLETT: Uptown Top Ranking / Dare! / In the Sine Wave
SCOUT NIBLETT: Just Do It / Dinosaur Egg
SCOUT NIBLETT: Kiss / Centaurs ‘R’ Us / Do You Want to be Buried With My People? (Live)
NICO: I’m Not Sayin’ / The Last Mile
NO AGE: Eraser / Don’t Stand Still / Male Masturbation / When You Find Out
NOAH AND THE WHALE: 5 Years Time / I Have Nothing
NOAH AND THE WHALE: 5 Years Time / Red Alert
NOAH AND THE WHALE: 2 Bodies 1 Heart / Rocks and Daggers
NOBODY & MYSTIC CHORDS OF MEMORY: Broaden a New Sound / La Semilla (The Seed) (Devendra Banhart)
NTX / ERIKA THRASHER: Chasing the Rats Out Downtown / Bombing Nightclubs
OCEAN COLOUR SCENE: The Day We Caught the Train / Chicken Bone and Stones / Travellers Tune / The Day We Caught the Train (Acoustic)
THE PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART: Young Adult Friction / Ramona
PANDA BEAR: Take Pills / Bonfire of the Vanities
PALACE MUSIC: We All, Us Three, Will Ride / Barcelona
CHARLIE PARR: Worried Blues / Write Me a Few Lines
PEDRO THE LION: Helicopter (Live) / When They Really Get To Know You They Will Run (Live) / I Am Always the One Who Calls (Live)
PETER, BJORN & JOHN: Let’s Call it Off / (I Just Wanna) See-Through
PETER, BJORN & JOHN: Young Folks / Ancient Curse
PETER, BJORN & JOHN: Objects of My Affection / Let’s Call it Off (Girl Talk Remix)
LIZ PHAIR: Supernova / Combo Platter
EDITH PIAF: La Vie En Rose / Hymne a l’Amour / L’Accordeoniste / Les Trois Cloches
PLUSH: Three-Quarters Blind Eyes / Found a Little Baby
PORT O’BRIEN: Close the Lid / Five and Dime
ARCHER PREWITT: Southern Wall / Coleman
? AND THE MYSTERIANS: I Need Somebody / “8” Teen
QUEEN: Don’t Stop Me Now / I Only Seven Days
QUICKSPACE: Pissed Off Boy / Arse is On Fire
RADIOHEAD: Paranoid Android / Polyethylene (Parts 1 & 2)
RADIOHEAD: Jigsaw Falling Into Place / Videotape (Live)
RADIOHEAD: Nude / 4 Minute Warning
THE RAPTURE: The Chair That Squeaks / Dumb Waiters
THE RAPTURE: House of Jealous Lovers / Alabama Sunshine
THE RAVEONETTES: Love in a Trashcan / Be My Sunshine
THE RAVEONETTES: You Want the Candy / Forever in Your Arms
THE RAVEONETTES: Blush / Black/White
READYMADE: The Block Alone / All Different Things
LOU REED: Your Love / Merry Go Round / So Blue / Leave Her For Me
RELAXED MUSCLE: The Heavy / Rod of Iron / Branded!
RELAXED MUSCLE: Billy Jack / Sexualized
R.E.M.: Bad Day / Favorite Writer
REMOTE KID / WOODPIGEON: Kill Me With a Single Blow (Remote Kid) / Death By Ninja (Woodpigeon)
ROXY MUSIC: Virginia Plain / The Numberer
ROXY MUSIC: Virginia Plain / Pyjamarama
ROXY MUSIC: Street Life / Hula-Kula
ROXY MUSIC: More Than This / India
MITCH RYDER: Devil With a Blue Dress On & Good Golly Miss Molly / I Had it Made
THE SADIES: J’ai Esaye de ne Pas / Le Dernier du Bon
ZAK SALLY: Why We Hide / When I Said I Missed You I Just Meant My Aim Was Off (The Quiet LIfe)
SANTOGOLD: L.E.S. Artistes / Your Voice
7% SOLUTION: Lullaby / Oh Yeah [Can]
SHAM 69: I Don’t Wanna / Ulster / Red London
SHE & HIM: Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? / Lotta Love
THE SHINS: New Slang / Sphagnum Esplanade
THE SHINS: So Says I / When I Goose-Step
THE SHINS: Turn On Me / Little Boxes / Australia (Peter Bjorn & John Remix)
SHRAG: Pregnancy Scene / Mark E Smith
SHRAG: Intelligent Theft / Cupboard Love
SHRAG: Talk to the Left / Hopelessly Wasted
SHRAG: Long Term Monster / Forty Five 45s
SHRAG: Rabbit Kids / Erratic Fictions
SIGUR ROS: Hljomalind / Staralfur
SILVER JEWS: The Sabellion Rebellion / Old New York
FRANK SINATRA: Strangers in the Night / Summer Wind
THE 6THS: Heaven in a Black Leather Jacket / Rot in the Sun
THE SLEEPY JACKSON: Good Dancers / Hymn #1 / Raindrop
THE SLEEPY JACKSON: This Day / Tonight You Will Change / Come To This / You’ve Got No More Days Left
SLOAN: Stood Up / Same Old Flame
SLOAN: Step on It, Jean / Dirty Nails
SMASHING PUMPKINS: Cherub Rock / Purr Snickety
SMASHING PUMPKINS: Today / Apathy’s Last Kiss
SMASHING PUMPKINS: Disarm / Siamese Dream
SMASHING PUMPKINS: Rocket / Never Let Me Down [Depeche Mode]
SMASHING PUMPKINS: Not Worth Asking / Honeyspider II
SMASHING PUMPKINS: 1979 / Bullet With Butterfly Wings
SMASHING PUMPKINS: Ava Adore / Czarina
SMASHING PUMPKINS: Tarantula / Death From Above
SMASHING PUMPKINS: That’s The Way (My Love Is) / Daydream
ELLIOTT SMITH: Needle in the Hay / Alphabet Town / Some Song
ELLIOTT SMITH: Speed Trials / Angeles / I Don’t Think I’m Ever Gonna Figure It Out
ELLIOTT SMITH: Division Day / No Name #6
ELLIOTT SMITH: Happiness / Son of Sam (Acoustic)
ELLIOTT SMITH: Son of Sam / A Living Will
ELLIOTT SMITH: Pretty (Ugly Before) / A Distorted Reality is Now a Necessity to be Free
ELLIOTT SMITH: Pretty (Ugly Before) / A Distorted Reality is Now a Necessity to be Free (Alternate)
THE SMITHS: Hand in Glove / Handsome Devil
THE SMITHS: This Charming Man / Jeane
THE SMITHS: The Headmaster Ritual / Oscillate Wildly
SMOG: Ex-Con / Just Like Napoleon
SMOG: Cold Blooded Old Times / Cold Blooded Old Times (Acoustic)
SMOG: Strayed / Bloodflow (Acoustic)
SOAP & SKIN: Spiracle / Inter View Feat. Heartmill
SONGS: OHIA: 7th Street Wonderland / Darling You Are…
SONGS: OHIA / ONEIDA: Journey On (Songs: Ohia) / Bobby’s Black Thumb (Oneida)
SONIC YOUTH: Helen Lundeberg / Eyeliner
SONIC YOUTH / JAY REATARD: No Garage (Sonic Youth) / Hang Them All (Jay Reatard)
SONS AND DAUGHTERS: Dance Me In / Poor Company
SONS AND DAUGHTERS: Taste the Last Girl / Nice ‘N’ Sleazy
SPACEMEN 3: Walking With Jesus / Take me to The Other Side (Demo) / Walking With Jesus (Demo)
SPIRITUALIZED: Come Together / Broken Heart
SPIRITUALIZED: Soul on Fire / True Love Will Find You in the End [Daniel Johnston]
ST. VINCENT: Jesus Saves, I Spend / These Days [Nico]
ST. VINCENT: Actor Out of Work / Bicycle
RINGO STARR: Photograph / Down and Out
THE STATIC: My Relationship / Don’t Let Me Stop You
SERAFINA STEER: Peach Heart / Mano E Mano
KATIE STELMANIS: Believe Me / Crying [Roy Orbison]
STEREOLAB: The Free Design / Escape Pod (From the World of Medical Observations)
SUFJAN STEVENS: The Dress Looks Nice on You / Borderline
THE STILLS: Still In Love Song / Still In Love Song (Extended)
THE STOVES: Come On Along / Speechless
STRAIGHT: Vacant / By the Way
THE STROKES: Hard to Explain / New York City Cops
THE STROKES: Reptilia / Modern Girls & Old Fashion Men
THE STROKES: The End Has No End / Clampdown (Live)
THE STUNT DOUBLES: Don’t Lean Back / Bonneville Park / Where the Fireflies Glow / Picking Up the Clues
SUEDE: We Are the Pigs / Killing of a Flashboy
THE SUMMERLAD: Carnus Magi / Everyone Scolds the Wolf
SUNBURNED HAND OF THE MAN: Hoof Trip / Plague Pipe
SUNDOWNERS: Turkey Vulture / Tonight Will Be Fine / Punk Rock / Goats / Pozor / Tallulah
SUNDOWNERS: The Girl With the Thing in Her Hair / The Summer Song
SUPERGRASS: Pumping on Your Stereo / You’ll Never Walk Again
RICHARD SWIFT: Beautifulheart / Paisley Park [Prince]
RICHARD SWIFT: Kisses for the Misses / Cowboy Song #6
RICHARD SWIFT: The Songs of National Freedom / Warning: Low Voice
TAKEN BY TREES: Sweet Child O’ Mine [Guns & Roses] / Above You
JOHNNY TILLOTSON: What’ll I Do / Send Me the Pillow You Dream On
TRAVIS: Love Will Come Through / Good For Nothing
TRICKY WOO: Trouble / Rock & Roll Gypsy
THE TROGGS: I Can’t Control Myself / Gonna Make You
TUNE-YARDS: Real Live Flesh / Youth
TUNNG: Jenny Again / Jenny Again (The Earlies Remix)
TV ON THE RADIO: Wolf Like Me / Snakes and Martyrs
UNCLE JOHN & WHITELOCK: The Train / Equation
THE UNICORNS: 2014 / Emasculate the Masculine
UNWOUND: MK Ultra / Totality
VAMPIRE WEEKEND: Mansard Roof / Ladies of Cambridge
THE VERTICAL STRUTS: Plans For Her / Blues From an Airplane
VIVIAN GIRLS: I Can’t Stay / Blind Spot
THE WALKMEN: Louisiana / Lost in Boston
THE WALKMEN: In the New Year / Ride Down the Highway
THE WALKMEN: The Blue Route / Canadian Girl
M. WARD: To Go Home / Cosmopolitan Pap / Human Punching Bag / Headed For a Fall
WE YO NEE: Needs Must / Capricorn Four
WEEZER: Hash Pipe / I Do
THE WHITE STRIPES: I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself [Bacharach] / Who’s To Say
THE WHITE STRIPES: The Hardest Button to Button / St. Ides of March
THE WHITE STRIPES: Jolene (Live) / Do (Live)
THE WHITE STRIPES: Blue Orchid / The Nurse
THE WHITE STRIPES: My Doorbell / Same Boy You’ve Always Known (Live)
THE WHITE STRIPES: The Denial Twist / Shelter of Your Arms
THE WHITE STRIPES: The Denial Twist (Live) / As Ugly as I Seem (Live)
THE WHITE STRIPES: You Don’t Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You’re Told) / A Martyr For My Love For You (Acoustic)
THE WHITE STRIPES: You Don’t Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You’re Told) (Acoustic Version) / 300 M.P.H. Torrential Outpour Blues
WILCO: I’m a Wheel / Kicking Television
WINGS: Mull of Kintyre / Girl’s School
WOODPIGEON / REMOTE KID: Death By Ninja (Woodpigeon) / Kill Me With a Single Blow (Remote Kid)
WOODPIGEON: That Was Good But You Can Do Better / Knock Knock
XIU XIU / DEVENDRA BANHART: The Body Breaks [Devendra Banhart] (Xiu Xiu) / Support Our Troops OH! [Xiu Xiu] (Devendra Banhart)
XIU XIU: Boy Soprano / Saint Pedro Glue Stick
YEAH YEAH YEAHS: Maps / Countdown / Miles Away (Live)
YEAH YEAH YEAHS: Skeletons / Skeletons (Live)
YEASAYER: Wait For the Summer / Final Path
THE YOUNG REPUBLIC: Blue Skies / Small Town in a World War
THE YOUNG REPUBLIC: Girl From the Northern States / Your Heart Belongs in Tennessee / Seeing People You Know
THE YOUNG REPUBLIC: Modern Plays / Between October and December
THOM YORKE: Harrowdown Hill / Jetstream
NEIL YOUNG: Cinnamon Girl / Only Love Can Break Your Heart
THE YOUNG RASCALS: Groovin’ / Sueno
VARIOUS ARTISTS: 4AD YEAH, BUT…: Neely (Air Miami) / His Middle Name (Tarnation) / Don’t Know Why (Scheer)
VARIOUS ARTISTS: PERMAFROST RECORDS PRESENTS “SELF PORTRAIT”: If Nonsense Only Knew (Silver Scooter) / Before (Evie) / Missed Out (Hushfeed) / Same Old Flame [Sloan] (Orange Glass)


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