Focus on the Self

So it seems I’ve rubbed someone the wrong way. Up on OUT’s blog Popnography, there’s a post on which there’s a couple of comments about me being not so nice. No details, but apparently I’ve done someone wrong.

I guess I could feel all apologetic about it, but seeing as I don’t know who’s got the beef, I’ll just have to let it be. A bit strange that someone would take to the internet to air their grievances, but I suppose that’s also what the internet is for. (And what exactly am I doing here? Same thing, I guess). It’s best to try to put everything back in balance by being good to those I already love. I know that sometimes my door’s not particularly open to outsiders, but that’s just how I want it to be.

I reminded of Ja’mie from Summer Heights High: “Build a bridge, get over it.”


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