Winter Heart

Funny how when you’re a little down, the things people say can break through anything you’re thinking about. Maybe one is subconsciously searching for distraction from whatever it is that’s pulling you lower. Who knows? At lunch today, I heard the following:

“I don’t like my food to touch. That’s why I get different bowls for everything. I’m not a mixy-matchy kind of girl.”

“When we went to New York City, we didn’t do anything. We just walked for about 225 to 250 blocks a day and looked up all of the time.”

“I’m at the usual place. You know it. The Indian one. Hurry up.”

“Turns out the bill was $280.00 short, we were on the way to the UK right after, and all we had was $250.00. Everyone else had left without paying.”

“You’re engaged? Oh my God, that makes me so happy for you! That’s so exciting! When is it? Where?” –> (This woman was obviously not invited. I think she knew it too. Her early excited face turned to a rather stern-looking pout once the other folks at the table answered her questions vs. the future bride. Looks like they were all going, and she was the only one left out. Oh well. She seemed like a bitch anyway. Cow.)

The thing of it is, though, that when you’re sitting there at a table for one and listening to other people, their inane chatter is exactly what you wish you were engaged in. Quick. Someone. Let’s go be boring together somewhere.


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