Easter Road.

By Anika, who is awesome.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of walking down Easter Road, slipping a key into a locked door, and having it open. Of walking in a golden flat with hardwood floors and seeing your bed already made out. Of books and windows and plants in place, just as you’d left them. Of gifted paintings still waiting to be hung, but pre-maturely on display, just to be seen.

Edinburgh feels like home. Always has. Probably always will. I don’t find it overly dramatic to say it’s the city in which I’d most like to live out my final years. It’s like a postcard – proof that life can be magical every day.

And Easter Road, more than any other street in the world, is my centre point.

As it was:

With Arthur’s Seat, watching overhead in the distance, there’s no more inspiring view I’ve seen.


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