Of course.

paul schneider = dream man.

we played rough trade east last night. an in-store performance of 4 songs. a surreal experience, to say the least. the record’s only been released via rough trade so far, with no other shops able to sell it. no reviews printed yet. our label man told me how many have been sold already and i almost spat out my pre-bed milk.

the record’s not even out yet.

i keep saying that to myself.

this perfect guy was at the rough trade in-store. dripping in “vibe,” you could say. so i was a little braver than usual. had christophe message his friend janet whom this friend was staying with to set something up. came back with, “wow, he’s totally flattered, but despite his membership in a fully gay band,” (who are performing a few shows in london this week themselves, including one at a gay indie club night later this week), “he’s straight.”

ha. of course.

tomorrow night’s the last show of the uk tour. the band’s composed of myself on acoustic guitar, foon on violin and mandobird, peter on electric guitar, malcolm on violin and ukelele, joe on drums, and rob on bass. we practiced tonight for about 3 hours in a large church at notting hill. strange, to say the least, the way people open certain doors for you.

fine, i admit it. i made out with an irish man for a few hours in london this week. he tells me i’m husband material.

definitely on the list of things not to say during your first make-out.

and most definitely on the list of things not to say on the follow-up e-mail to the first make-out.

but then again, i recently told someone i think he’s husband material based on just one song he wrote.

and i still totally mean it.

when i get back to calgary, i’m finishing my novel. mark my words.


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