The Day Before Leaving.

Tomorrow I’m off again, 5 weeks in the UK, Ireland (for the first time), Italy, and Germany. It would feel more like going home if I wasn’t already so booked up. My sole day off is now to be spent in London, doing a solo session with John Kennedy on XFM, and an interview with Steve Lamacq on the BBC (my second for his program).

The first time I was invited on, I didn’t even meet Steve Lamacq. They just re-edited the interview I did with his assistant Pam to make it seem like he’d talked to me. (When we arrived at security and the fellow at the desk asked what my business was at BBC Western House, I told him we were there to “see Pam”. He wrote it down as “C Palm”. I guess we could’ve gotten in there no matter what we said).

I haven’t even started packing.

I’m loving the new Department of Eagles album, but that’s no surprise. In Ear Park isn’t quite Yellow House, but it’s best moments are right up there.

Too bad they left off my favourite Department of Eagles tune: ‘Deadly Disclosure’. There’s a pair of lines in that one that can pretty much make me weep:

Bow out of this race / Before it’s too late.


Another beautiful postcard from MJ worth documenting:

Big up for cassettes! First Braden Funchner released his record on home-made tapes, and now The Neighbourhood Council did the same. This tape was only for sale at their last Calgary show. It’s got the Set Pieces EP on it, some Morgan Greenwood remixes, and the band’s live set at Sled Island opening for Deerhunter.

The show where Bradford Cox led the audience in a standing ovation and calls for an encore.

And they were on first.

Of a four band bill.

I miss these guys.

It’s nice finding someone you connect with rather instantly. Laura Leif’s been helping me keep my work head screwed on straight the last week by coming over every day to do her own work on the table beside me in the front room of my house. While I’ve been struggling through an article on The Dudes and yet another grant application for Woodpigeon, she’s been here keeping me focused.

As I type this, she’s drawing rabbits for The Summerwood Warren letterhead we’re about to put together for some letter to CMJ.

I’m going to miss her loads while I’m gone the next few weeks. Who knows if I’ll actually get anything done without her. The front of this card makes me think of her:

Her magic is electric.


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