A Clean Start.

I’ve been inspired by The Art of a Letter, the blog by my good friend Mathew John, to start something similar to keep track of things that come to mean something to me as I enter the big, bad, scary world of my 30’s.

I thought I’d start with something Mathew John sent me himself, as even though we live in the same city he’s one of the main sources of a bright mailbox. In this case, a two-page card letter and a postcard for Librissime in Montreal.

I’ll admit I’m not the best penpal for Mathew John. I don’t write back as often as I should. I usually get his cards, laugh about them, and then move on. He’s sent more than one postcard or note in the mail that’s made me spit out my tea. And he’s also house-sat for me on more than one occasion, and always leaves the most perfect notes for my discovery upon my return (on the front door, “You were missed”; on the ceiling over my bed, “You are loved”).

A small sampling of some other MJ favourites:

As my own little thanks for what a good friend he is, I wrote him a song that we recorded in my kitchen. The players: James, Raphaelle, Annalea, Aimee-Jo, and myself. It’s coming out on a digital EP through our UK record label at some point this fall.

Woodpigeon – Matty John Chyzyk

Looking for some of MJ’s postcards, I came across the program from Grizzly Bear’s Worldess Music Series show in New York last November. You could pin-point the exact moment at which they changed from So-Damn-Good to Truly-Great with the very first performance of ‘While You Wait For the Others’.

It was a beautiful night. I was with a beautiful boy. New York in the winter is truly at least one paradise on Earth that’s not in immediate danger of disappearing.


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